Play while helping the animal cause!

Leo has been cowardly abandoned by his owner, to help him find his brother you will have to go on many adventures.

All profits are donated to an animal welfare group.


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 My goal when developing this game was to try and create everything myself, without relying on external resources. Despite not being the greatest artist, I was able to develop the whole game without depending on the internet for characters or decorations.

In creating this game, it was important for me to improve my graphic skills in order to be able to truly give a voice to my imagination, and add to my program savviness. Indeed, whats worse than not being able to express a great idea for a character or background because of a lack of available images? I have been pleasantly surprised by the results and no longer depend on internet ressources!

Animal wellfare

How are your donations used?

The donations and benefits generated by the advertising will be used to buy cat food which will be donated to the APCLO (Association for the Protection of Free Cats of Orléans). The association collects, treats, identifies and sterilizes stray cats before freeing them or putting them up for adoption.

The association acts mainly thanks to donations. This is why I decided to monetize this game to help the APCLO, thanks to whom I now live with Leo:

The real Leo

Profits generated by advertising can only be cashed in once they have passed the $100 mark. This sum will therefore be considered as a victory if reached, as it would allow for the purchase of about 20 kg of animal food. Subsequently, if the game is still a success and if the public (you!) actually wish for it, part of the profits could be used to further develop the game or work on a sequel.

How to participate ?

If you wish to participate financially, it is possible to make a donation directly on the APCLO website or make a purchase in the game.

Alternatively, you can simply participate by watching an ad through the game, spreading the game to your friends or sharing our collaborative spirit. Every act counts :)

Actions already carried out through donations and benefits:

Here I will report the donations made to the association, accompanied by pictures :)

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Development log


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Just did try it and i love it!